Yessss! #atozchallenge

YOkay, I admit it. I tried really hard but I couldn’t think of a good subject for my Y post. And then I thought, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-pattage on the back…because I’VE ALMOST DONE IT!


That’s right! Twenty- five posts in the last four weeks. I actually posted every day for a month. Crikey! I can’t believe it either. Just one left after today. Let’s have another fist pump…


And, if I may say so myself, there’s some pretty good stuff there, right? If you haven’t had a chance yet, why not check out some of my A to Z Challenge posts?!

A for Anaerobic Digester was a nice start. I’m pretty happy with D for David (Bowie) and You’re Kind of Magic (Q for Queen). There’s also some creative writing on P for Pox, and the latest instalment of my self publishing adventure in J for Jack Dixon. Along the way, you can discover¬†my favourite films, listen to some great music and hear about my bad driving. There’s something for everyone. How does that feel, Dennis?!


So in honour of this day of positivity and generally feeling good about ourselves, ¬†fellow bloggers, here’s an oldie and a goodie…oh and one more fist pump – YESSSS!

Is that blood on the walls?!

See you tomorrow for some musical story-time to celebrate the end of the A to Z Challenge.

Kraitt out.