And we’re back with a FREE GIFT!!

Hey strangers! Sorry about the long period of radio silence. For the very few of you suffering from a roblogtime-shaped hole in your empty lives, thank your lucky stars: I’m back and I’m blogging again!!

Regular readers will know that I started this here blog to tell you about, and then promote, a novel I wrote ten years ago and then left in a bottom drawer. So to celebrate my return to the blogosphere, I’m offering you – my dear readers – the opportunity to read this extraordinary tome about a teenager who loses his family, develops super powers, thinks he’s a werewolf and stumbles on a global conspiracy ABSOLUTELY FREE.

That’s right!

From Wednesday 28th February, simply hit the attractive book cover below and you’ll be taken to a famous online store where you’ll be able to download the amazing Black Moon without paying a penny. It’s just like Christmas all over again!

Better be quick now, blogsters! The offer only lasts until Sunday 4th March.

And that’s not all! I’m going to try really really hard to keep blogging – every week! So you’ll be able to read my musings on all sorts of things and help me make sense of this crazy planet. Who knows!? I might even try and write another book, and I’ll tell you all about that too. It’s all for free so don’t touch that dial!

So in celebration of this cat being back, here’s the return of another dude. Twin Peaks fans waited a bizarre 16 hours for this scene…

Don’t forget to come back next week for some bah humbug!

Kraitt out!