Black Moon is OUT!

Fans go bonkers at the news that Black Moon is finally on sale!

In the last instalment of Roblogtime, Rob was on the brink of self-publishing his YA novel BLACK MOON. He said it wouldn’t be long. His website promised the book in early July. But the world was made to wait and wait and wait. Read on…

Sorry everyone! I really thought I’d be ready to publish a few weeks ago but formatting issues delayed me. Right now, as you may already know from the leak on William Prince’s Twitter account, I am happy to tell you that the book is out!

Yes indeed! BLACK MOON is now available to download exclusively on Amazon.

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE!

You can also find it through the official Black Moon website.

Celebrities around the world are already going crazy for the book…

James Corden is hooked!
Jay-Z looks on jealously as Beyoncé reads on her phone.
Barack downloaded to his iPad, on which it is indeed available through the free Kindle app.
Liz had her butler print it out for her.

It’s all very exciting. Please do go and check it out. You can download a sample to try it out for size. I’m hoping to make hard copies available in a month or two.

Regular blogs will be appearing again as of next week so see you then.

Kraitt out!

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