Oscar Goldman #atozchallenge


OI’m a sucker for teatime TV of the Seventies and Eighties; shows like The Six Million Dollar Man, Chips, Knight Rider, The A Team – I could go on and on. As I get older, I realise I don’t actually remember all that much about what happened in these shows, even though I can remember their theme tunes and opening credits as if I watched them yesterday. One of my favourite aspects of those opening credits was the ‘and’ character who appeared at the end. This slot was usually reserved for the boss and my favourite boss of them all was Oscar Goldman, boss of the bionic man Steve Austin.

Oscar Goldman, played by Richard Anderson, is the head of the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence and the man who authorises six million actual dollars to be spent on rebuilding NASA astronaut Steve Austin after he is mortally wounded in a catastrophic rocket accident. Oscar then sends this bionic man on adventures.

Oscar is a snappy dresser who is popular with the ladies. He is a fatherly figure to Steve Austin; fiercely protective, which can lead to a testiness in their relationship as Steve can be a bit of a maverick. When Steve goes AWOL and becomes a stunt man moonlighting as a bounty hunter, their relationship can never be repaired (not sure if that bit is entirely true but Oscar Goldman never did appear in The Fall Guy).

Oscar had an even bigger role in The Bionic Woman, forming a double act with her bionicness Jaime Sommers, and taking centre stage in the crossover three-parter Kill Oscar! when he was abducted by killer robots…


I clearly need to invest in some box sets, as I recall very little of this.

Here are a few more of my favourites bosses. Who are yours?

Cowley in The Professionals – always so angry!
Higgins in Magnum – Hiiiigiiiins!
Chief Dobey in Starsky & Hutch – always pointing, always cross.
Devon in Knight Rider – dapper! Here he is trying hard not to look at Michael Knight’s chest hair.

See you tomorrow for a little surprise.

Kraitt out!


Author: Rob Kraitt

Rob Kraitt and writing partner, the irrepressible Ashley Pannell (creator of the successful video game franchise NAUGHTY BEAR) are possibly the greatest screenwriting partnership never to be produced! Their fairy tale extravaganza BEANSTALK went as far as Tim Burton - but not quite far enough! - and their madcap musical ME AND MY FROG was a winner in the now defunct UK Film Council's 25 Words Or Less Competition. Unfortunately for cinema goers everywhere, these and many other amazing movies never saw the light of a cinema projector. Rob is now an agent at Casarotto Ramsay and Associates Limited in London, representing writing and directing talent; and selling books for film & television adaptation. He has also served on the board of the Film Agency for Wales and participated on panels and masterclasses for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain and the International Screenwriter’s Festival amongst others. He was also part of the BFI’s delegation to Shanghai and Beijing in 2015. Rob started his career as a script editor and consultant for many top film production companies in the UK including Working Title, Focus, Pathé Productions, Miramax and Ruby Films as well as the European Media Development Agency.

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