Incredible! #atozchallenge


II’m going to put it out there – The Incredibles is my favourite Pixar movie. In fact, it’s one of my three favourite movies of all time.

This is not only the ultimate super hero movie – still kicking every single butt in this age of four quadrant tent poles and their tin men, mutants and caped metro-males throwing each other through ever more elaborate CGI cityscapes – it also out-Bonds 007 with its ultra-cool tone and bonkers gadgetry. Writer/director Brad Bird (one of the most imaginative and consistently entertaining Hollywood directors working today) cocks a snook at all the blockbuster conventions but still gives us a plot that’s as tight as a pair of Aquaman’s Speedos (coming to a cinema near you). At heart, it’s a family movie about a family and it’s as laugh-out-loud funny (every time) as it is deeply moving.

Yes, Toy Story is the possibly the best and most consistent film trilogy of all time and the pure emotion of Inside Out left me a quivering mess of tears for a lost childhood, but The Incredibles is still my pick. It’s 115 minutes of perfection and never fades.

Here are two of my favourite clips. Enjoy!

Kraitt out.


Author: Rob Kraitt

Rob Kraitt and writing partner, the irrepressible Ashley Pannell (creator of the successful video game franchise NAUGHTY BEAR) are possibly the greatest screenwriting partnership never to be produced! Their fairy tale extravaganza BEANSTALK went as far as Tim Burton - but not quite far enough! - and their madcap musical ME AND MY FROG was a winner in the now defunct UK Film Council's 25 Words Or Less Competition. Unfortunately for cinema goers everywhere, these and many other amazing movies never saw the light of a cinema projector. Rob is now an agent at Casarotto Ramsay and Associates Limited in London, representing writing and directing talent; and selling books for film & television adaptation. He has also served on the board of the Film Agency for Wales and participated on panels and masterclasses for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain and the International Screenwriter’s Festival amongst others. He was also part of the BFI’s delegation to Shanghai and Beijing in 2015. Rob started his career as a script editor and consultant for many top film production companies in the UK including Working Title, Focus, Pathé Productions, Miramax and Ruby Films as well as the European Media Development Agency.

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